Monday, February 22, 2010


We had a great end to a busy week celebrating my little man's third birthday.

On the day after Christmas, he told me that he wanted a Toy Story birthday. I'm more of a fan of homemade birthdays, so I didn't get to all of the decorations on my list, but I think it turned out just fine.

Three is so much bigger than two. Sigh.


  1. Your ceiling looks like Mr. Spell had fun! What a cute touch. When my own son (now 17) turned 4 we did a Toy Story homemade party too. Your cake is way better (and a million times more creative) than mine, but my son has a summer B-day so we made Pizza Planet out back and I had a few of the neighbor kids over for...home made pizza of course! We decorated real potatoes as Mr. Potato Heads and I sent home a few little goodies in small pizza boxes! :) I miss those early B-day parties. Kids grow up too fast! :)

  2. um did you make that cake? It is freakin gorgeous! I love it! Wow. Wow. I can't say anything else. Okay I just realized the toys are actually toys, I thought they were out of fondant - too much Ace of Cakes for me. haha but it is still gorgeous! I love it!

  3. Megan-This was my second attempt at decorating with fondant. I was too scared to try the toys! Maybe on the third cake ;)



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