Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Felt Popcorn and a WINNER!

I recently made an order of caramel corn for a customer who requested a red and white box. How adorable! I really wanted to try some cheese corn and buttered popcorn in red and white cups.

Variety mix anyone?

It makes my mouth water for some Garrett's! We will be in Chicago in May and I will definitely have to get me some!

And for our winner...

Thank you, so much for the lovely comments! The winner of the large cupcake and mini cake stand is:

#26 Anonymous said... Happy Birthday! I love your stuff, I can't decide which pattern to get 1st. (And your from Waukesha so that makes you all that much cooler; I grew up in Wales).

(I had to google where Wales was! We've only lived in Waukesha for about six months...I'm still using my gps to leave town)

1 comment:

  1. you should take the bike trail out in wales sometime or hit Le Dukes custard. Thanks again!



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