Friday, January 28, 2011

Valentine Sugar Cookies

I have the most fabulous sugar cookie recipe. The cookies are soft, not too sweet and have a bit of bite to them. The secret is the sour cream and nutmeg... Since I couldn't find my disk of recipes this one seemed identical, so try it out!

I've been looking for a cookie recipe that tops this one, but have been unsuccessful. The only problem with this cookie is that I love it, and my husband does NOT. AT ALL. I guess we like our cookies like mattresses. Hard and firm, soft and comfy.

Anyhow, I pulled out the sugars and pearls to let the kids have fun with these. Nothing fancy. If you want fancy, The Pioneer Woman did a great job with that this past Christmas!


  1. Yum! Love the colors. My favorite sugar cookie recipe also has sour cream and nutmeg. I love the mattress analogy. :)

  2. My fav recipe has sour cream and nutmeg!! Love them! Yours look delicious!!



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