Thursday, March 3, 2011

Glitter Shoe Redo-Tutorial

I made a fun spring dress recently and got asked a lot of questions about my $8 diy shoes.

I sent my husband to Walmart and on the list wrote "ballet flats-$cheapest you can find" He picked up this pair for $5.

While he was there, I was at Michael's and scored some Martha glitter for $3something. I say scored, because it was on sale and I was prepared to pay the full $5.50 or whatever it runs. Martha's glitter is by far the best option. The texture is great and the depth it offers is incredible. Not to mention the colors are so modern.

So, take your cheap shoes and cover them with glue. I just brushed it on a small area, and then sprinkled the glitter on using a spoon and a bowl. I worked my way around each shoe, one at a time. I did a total of three coats, repeating after each one had time to dry. Two probably would have done it but if some fell off, I wanted to make sure you would't see the base shoe underneath.

To finish these, I'll need to seal them...I haven't done so yet. Just pick up some spray shellac and do a couple of coats on each shoe. The sealer will help so you don't leave a trail of glitter as you go when you're out and about!

Tada! That's it! Try this Michael's coupons for possible savings on glitter shoe supplies.


  1. That is fun! I see some glitter shoes in my daughter's size. I saw some in pink at the store but we aren't really pink people. I don't know why I didn't think to make my own in another color. Thanks for the idea!

  2. I can't believe you husband knew what ballet flat's were!

  3. Great! Do you know how one could give shoes a re-do sans glitter? I'm all for making some flats green for St. Patty's Day approaching, but I'm not into glitter....

  4. I love glitter!!! These look fab! I featured them on my blog:



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