Monday, April 11, 2011

Totally MIA

And I'm so sorry! Actually, not really...

We've been doing nothing extra special-just hanging. Hanging out with the kiddos, doing nothing, eating Swedish Fish and watching movies and making pizza is all very important so I cannot apologize for any of it. (part of that is a lie. i did not share the candy)

So, here's what you've missed out on...

Ephraim had his first soccer game! I'm not sure if he likes it tell me...

I made this bumble bee for an adorable project that should be done next week.

I baked some yummy bread!

I napped during the storm and watched Big Love, painted my fingernails and ate ice cream.

This morning I was a very good girl and worked alllllll morning learnin some Revit. Then celebrated by cleaning the bathroom and doing laundry. Then had some more candy.

Did you know they make mini Cadbury Eggs?! They do! And so cute they are!

Are we good now? :) I have to make a grocery list for food shopping tomorrow. I'm out of ideas...what do you guys love to make?

1 comment:

  1. I love this butternut squash pasta recipe (and my picky two-year-old will usually eat it)



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