Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Old Fashioned Chocolate Donuts


I've been a bit out of the loop (bloggy speaking) lately so I just came across the recipe for Old Fashioned Chocoalte Donuts from Joy the Baker.

After seeing one picture of the donuts, I knew they'd be the first thing I was baking this weekend. So, Saturday morning, I went out and ran...then came home and made donuts. I run for donuts.


If you've never made donuts before, these were a great recipe. No yeast. No rising. Just resting for about 15mins in the fridge. Easy. 

After they rest, just roll out the dough, then cut the donuts. No worries if you don't have a donut cutter; I just used a mason jar and a cap from some sprinkles. I used to have biscuit cutters, but I think they were used for playdoh one too many times... Fry the donuts for less than a minute on each side, you can tell by color... 

Let them cool for a few, then dip them in the icing! You could let them set for a minute....or just eat them right away!Here's the full recipe!

What are your favorite dishes to make on the weekend for breakfast/brunch?


  1. YUM. :) My favorite recipe for weekend breakfast is fresh blueberry muffins (mostly b/c there isn't time to for breakfast during the week unless I schedule breakfast for dinner ha.) with a side of scrambled eggs (fresh from our chickens).

  2. I love homemade donuts, especially potato donuts. But my favorite weekend breakfast is either French Breakfast Puffs or German pancakes.



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