Friday, February 24, 2012

Lemon Buttermilk Pudding Cake (and a huge lemon curd tangent...)

I mentioned last week how my new favorite food is Meyer lemons.  They're wonderful.  Let me tell you.  I want a lemon tree...I always have.  And from what I've read, I'll never be able to get one to grow here in Wisconsin.

After the lemon meringue pie and lemon drop martini, we went for this buttermilk meyer lemon pudding cake.  I was going to make some fruit to go with it since I had frozen berries on hand, and not fresh, but just made the whipped cream and called it a day.  Actually, after making the cake it took me another day to make the whipped cream.  Then it was so good that I had to eat it for lunch.  Not the whipped cream, jeez people, but the cake with the whipped cream.  And what a delicious lunch it was!  Do you have any favorite meyer lemon recipes?  Oooh! I want to try lemon curd next!  What do you do with lemon curd though, besides make pie? 

oooooh!  I just pinterested it.  Is that a verb?  Like googled but more beautiful results, yes?  Here's what you can do with lemon curd...

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