Monday, March 12, 2012

Our favorite apps of the day-loving appSmitten

When I first got my iPad last year, I was firm on never letting the kids play with it.  That lasted for maybe one week.  I felt like there were so many amazing things offered to encourage learning that I couldn't keep it all to myself!  I searched and searched for great recommendations for preschool aged educational apps and really didn't find much.

There are a lot of apps for those who home school older children, but I had a difficult time finding a resource for what I was needing for my younger children.  I found a lot of great apps, but through trial and error.  While different apps cost only a few dollars, that adds up quickly and is frustrating if the app isn't what you were specifically looking for.

When Blogher asked me to be part of this program, I was really excited. I think that having a resource for apps is a wonderful idea!

AppSmitten has a nifty drop down list to categorize apps, like the app store does, but then allows you to break them down by age.  This feature encouraged me to sign up for the newsletter so that I can see weekly updates of apps that would be appropriate to my family.

Currently, my kids and I are LOVING this create art app.  It was FREE which is great.  The kids can create scenes and then record a story while acting it out.  Awesome.

Another app I fell in love with is this one.  It is a map of the United States, as a puzzle.  The kids drag the state to the correct location and it will ring a bell if they get it right.  The kids are having fun putting together the puzzle and listening to the names of all of the states!

I really love when learning is fun for the kids.  What are your favorite apps at the moment?

Disclosure: I do receive compensation from signups but all opinions are my own!

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