Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Belle Layered Skirt for my Bella Baby

I love sewing for Aeris.  She's getting into choosing her wardrobe more and more and she loves wearing things I've made for her.  The other day she pulled out a skirt and said, "Mommy, did you make this last night?!"  "No, sweetie, it's from your birthday last year!"  "Well, who made it?"  "The store.."  "That was so nice of the store!"

I used this tutorial from Moda's Bake Shop (the Belle Layered Ruffle skirt)  I misunderstood the directions and put the gathers in the wrong place.  Not a very big deal.  I actually ended up using 1/8" elastic rather than gathering the fabric on the skirt.  It did a better job of holding the cinch in place, in my opinion.
I used the Tussie Mussie line by Jennifer Jangles.  We carry this fabric at the shop and it's in abudance right now.  Really not my favorite with the blacks and reds, but I really feel as though this skirt came together nicely!  I use Jennifer Jangles coordinating ribbon for the waist and Anna Maria Horner's ribbon for the green trim on the bottom. 

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  1. Sew adorable and the skirt is very cute too. Happy sewing...



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