Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Butterfly Garden Party

Aeris turned four this past month.  I really love celebrating her birthday because of the opportunity to have it outdoors!  With her love for butterflies, we chose to go with a butterfly garden theme.

I chose to split the parties up this year:  one for friends, one for family.  It seemed to work out well dividing them, plus, Aeris was able to sneek a nap in between.

I used the Silhouette to create these fun favor boxes for the girl, filled with a butterfly shaped bubble and temporary tattoo.  I also made each girl a felt butterfly hair clip.  I scored on the wings earlier in the year and got each pair for $1 at Target!

 Since she had two parties, I had to make two cakes.  Cupcakes for the girls and this cake for family.

It was pretty hot that day, can you tell?!  So smart to have the children's party at 10am to get around the heat.  I cut butterfly shapes out with the Silhouette machine and hid some around the yard for the girls to go on a butterfly hunt.

I made this shirt using the Silhouette also.  I'm sure having fun with that little machine!  Everything is coming out of this house with gems on it, it seems...

This was one of her favorite presents.  Life sure is great when you're four!


  1. Happy birthday Aeris! Lovely party and I am in love with the skirt (just didn't get to comment yesterday). :) And I'm a little jealous she still naps. :)

  2. Awww, she looks so beautiful! Cute cakes, cute girl, and I love that skirt!!



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