Thursday, October 11, 2012

You can be the wind, you can be the leaves

Today, it is freezing.  All I can think of is a warm cup of cocoa in my hands as I'm sitting here typing this blog post.  It is funny how the weather just creeps up on you.  I suppose it is only so because I let it.  I rarely living in the moment.  Always rather worrying about what should be done later or should have been done earlier.  I like to think that it is productive to worry and plan, but really, I'm realizing it is so wasteful.

The other day when Ephraim was at school, I took Aeris outside to just play-to rake the leaves, to listen to the wind chimes, to smell fall.  She had such a great time and I realized it was the very first time she had ever jumped into a pile of leaves!

Maybe it is my old age but I'm feeling like the todays are more important than worrying about the tomorrows...

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