Tuesday, May 14, 2013

We bought a house!

This spring swallowed me whole, and I admit, we've got some catching up to do!

So what's new?!

I'll fill you in on our end:
-we bought a house! (and moved!)
-we got a puppy! (i know...i still can't figure out why i made that decision)
-i'm going back to work!
-and while i've been absent from the blog, i've been feverishly working on Sweetie Pie Bakery things and am having an awesome year!

We're still unpacking boxes and have a long list of remodeling we'd like to do, but for now, here is a quick peek!  

We are really so excited to have been able to purchase our first home.  It takes a lot of sacrifice and sometimes doesn't seem to work out perfectly, until it does...and you are sitting in your new house with your crazy puppy (wondering why he doesn't understand to potty outside?!) and then realize-I'm living the dream...and truly we are.  To be able to spend my days and nights with my favorite people is really the best.  


  1. Your new house looks really nice! I like that tower-ish part on the side. I hope you’ll finish unpacking soon! I can’t wait to see the interior of the house (and also your puppy!). Your landscape looks pretty neat too. Anyway, I wish you happiness and safety in your new home.

    Kristopher Washington



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