Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I need some information on Taylor Swift...

For reals.

I know nothing about the poor girl and have to be inspired by her within the next three days.

C'mon you guys...what do ya got? Tell me some interesting things about her, why you like her music, anything!

Thanks, in advance!


  1. She writes her songs based on her relationships with boys.

  2. She writes almost all of her own music and has written songs for other people as well.

  3. My sister-in-law were discussing her music the other day. And why on earth myself (a grown women with two little girls) and her (an soon to be college graduate and newlywed) like her music so much. I think it's becuase it is like re-reading an old high school diary. It's going back to being 15 and in love with the life guard at the pool (even if you have never spoken to him). It's a reminder that at one point in time things were simple and sweet. I think she is a breath of fresh air. She isn't overly sexy or crude. She's just singing from her heart about high school love.

  4. I am a self proclaimed lover of Taylor Swift music! Even my husband likes her music (he has even bought me a couple of her cd's) I have some random facts about her (don't know if this is what you are looking for): She was born in Pennsylvania on a christmas tree farm but moved to Tennessee when she was in middle/high school to pursue her music career. She dated one of the Jonas brothers and then dated Taylor Lautner.

  5. Thanks, you guys! Do you know if she still plays that glittery guitar? I found older pictures with it, but the newer ones she seems to have a different one. Maybe she swaps back and forth?



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