Thursday, April 22, 2010

Technically, Not Sewing

I've taken the serger upstairs.

The sewing machine is in the cabinet.

And my pile of "projects" that usually takes over the kitchen counter, spilling onto the floor, draping off the backs of the kitchen chairs, and making a pile by the basement door are gone.
Clean. The project pile has been replaced by file boxes and storage boxes for the last couple of orders I've gotten.

...thank heavens for Liberty of London for Target! I can't get enough of it!

For a solid week I have not heard the humming of my machine but rather the clicking of keys, the pouring of coffee. Sad, really...

I'm plowing away trying to get my patterns finished. You see, they are all being redone. But, they will be better! They will be beautiful! There will be step-by-step illustrations! And technical drawings! Oh my!

My goal is by the middle of May. Then I can proof everything and have everything done by the end of May.

Until then, my only creations seem to be of the culinary kind. It's my excuse to be creative. We have to eat!

And speaking of culinary creations, I'm working on a special birthday cake for my cousin for her birthday. It will be my third go at a fondant cake, so I'm hoping to have the cake fairies on my side!


  1. I just found your etsy shop through a common client and I love your felt food! Love your blog too :O)



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