Tuesday, June 1, 2010

And a year later...

I had this idea about a year ago.

It started simply enough. My mom got a scrap bag of fabrics from Anna Maria Horner and pieced together a quilt top. After she finished she passed it on to me, "I have no idea what to do with it from here. I've been looking at it too long." You know how that is, right?

So, I sorta rolled my eyes in that I had to finish this quilt up for her because it was all sorts of crazy lines and was going to require some time. Plus, I didn't even love the way she put the top together. I folded it up and set it on the shelf for inspiration to hit...and forgot about it.

Then a couple of months later, I was planning my daughter's first birthday photo shoots and was digging through my fabric stash for some tulle for a tutu for her and found that quilt top. Rolling my eyes again, I set it aside and went to make her tutu.

As I sat in the living room on the floor I saw an old chair waiting to be recovered in the corner of the room. Brilliant! That's how I'll used that darned quilt!

Well, the photo was the next day-so I just pinned the thing on and planned on always finishing it the proper way. Then I was busy with work all summer. Then we moved. Then I forgot.

About a month ago, Anna Maria had a photo of some dining room chairs in her house that appear to be covered the same way. She beat me to my own idea!

Over the weekend I spent about 20 minutes stapling this quilt top to the chair. I love it!

And now I love the beautiful job my mom did in sewing it. It's so nice to have a project passed on that way. Now the chair sits in my daughters room.

And searching through the computer for those pictures, I cannot believe my little Aeris is marching on to her second birthday in a couple months! Why do they keep getting bigger?


  1. Love it!! And that darling child! Too cute

  2. Really nice! I love how it turned out...you should take a picture of your daughter in the chair each year on her birthday.

  3. the chair is beautiful!
    but your daughter is realy something!
    she is so so so cute!!!!! the last picture, with that satisfied smile... I would eat her up!
    I love cute babies!

  4. so pretty, the chair and your daughter. :)



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