Friday, June 4, 2010

Toddler Swim Robe-Cover Up

Summer is right around the corner (hopefully) so I've been trying to gather all of our gear for boating, vacationing, etc. I bought Aeris a cute little suit at Target and just couldn't find a cover-up that I was pleased with.

I have an issue with bare-shouldered babes. My children are redheads and very fair skinned, so a cover-up, to me, means they should be covered up-not just their suits.

I really liked Dana's idea with the terry cloth but once again, bare shoulders. (Something much better for myself!) A quick google search later I found this one on Sew, Mama, Sew! from last summer. It was just what I had in mind and was super quick to put together.

I found the only yellow fabric I had in my stash, some old honey bee fabric that I think I actually got at Walmart years ago.

The cover-up turned out adorable except for one little problem, the darned thing didn't fit! I didn't measure her and just sorta made what I thought would fit her, you know, since she will eternally be 12 months old to me.

A tie closure was a quick fix. It will hold the jacket closed and allow the cover-up to function through summer. Plus, I was going to do a tie closure anyways...haha

I also added a pocket and a honey bee applique. I embroidered a little flight path for the bee into the pocket and am now totally in love with this robe-much better than when I had Aeris try it on last night to find out the buttons weren't happening.

So, that's that! I recommend the pattern and even more so, recommend measuring your child-even if you sew for the all of the time and think you know their measurements better than your own!

Now, I've got some important business to attend to and a date with some timely books that arrived in the mail today!

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