Thursday, October 21, 2010

How I Make Pattern Pieces

Almost every sewing book these days has this great little folder in the back to hold all of the pattern sheets. I love having a place to store the patterns, but I hate having to buy template paper to make each piece. Obviously it is much more cost/space/earth efficient to overlap patterns, but it is our job to remake them for our own use.

The plastic template sheets are very durable, but pretty pricey if you're going to do a whole book of templates. Also, the pattern pieces come out pretty stiff and difficult to store.

My solution is this 24" roll of trace paper that I found lying behind a bunch of old drafting tubes collecting dust. These things are very affordable and you can easily make a whole book of pattern pieces, that fold up, to go right back into the folder!

I also love using these pattern weights. I hesitated on buying them for a while but am so glad I finally did. They really do seem to save a lot of time and holes in my fabric. Plus, Mondo uses them so they're extra coooooool.

So, what do you guys like to do to transfer patterns?


  1. I never tried sewing with a pattern before. I should give it a shot. And if I decided to trace it, I will be sure to use some pattern weights :)

    Just Better Together

  2. haha, I work for a general contractor, so I got this 500' roll of plotter paper (in vellum no less). I figured it should last me just about forever. :)



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