Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sneak Peek & Sponsor Hello

I'm on pins and needles to show you this new pattern-available on Monday! We had a photo shoot yesterday and got some pretty nice shots, despite the lack of sunshine. At all. It was a grey, grey day here folks.

I can't help but offer you a little peek. I'm sweet like that.

I also want to say hello to a new sponsor of mine, Pie 'n the Sky! She has a great collection of headbands in her shop that would look fabulous paired with a simple spring skirt! Melisa is a fan fancy, lovely, frilly things and shares plenty of them on her inspiring blog, full of eye candy!

I think this Bursting into Bloom headband would look great with that skirt I made the other day!

Alright...and now I'm back to work or I'll have nothing for you on Monday!

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