Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sewing Winter Coats

Last year, I thought it would be great to be able to sew my own winter coat. This year, I'm feeling more confident with my sewing abilities to give it a try...and after being able to have the air conditioner turned off for all of one week, I'm feeling antsy to get out fall scarves, boots and prep for winter!

The funny thing-I hate winter! I'm a fan of cozy snuggling, but snow? no.thank.you. A little Christmas snow is fine by me, but Wisconsin winters are long! Six months long too long, it seems.

Me and my coffee found some fabulous coat inspiration on pinterest this am. Now I need to find me a good pattern and some fabric! The toughest part about that is, I don't live near anywhere fabulous to buy wool or bulk textiles! Shopping online would be fine, except I can't feel the fabric. That's a big deterrent for me.

I was looking at these two patterns. Have any of you used either of them? Or recommend another one? I'm leaning towards

Source: etsy.com via Jessica on Pinterest

, Source: ebay.com.au via Jessica on Pinterest,

Source: us.asos.com via Jessica on Pinterest,, Source: etsy.com via Jessica on Pinterest


  1. Hello,

    Coming out of lurkdom to suggest McCalls 5525, an excellent pattern that has the uneven overlapped collar you like. Everyone that has made it loved it!

    Happy sewing!

  2. Darling coats! Can't wait to see yours. PS I think winters are even longer in Idaho! They aren't as cold though, which is great.

  3. Have you seen the book Sew Serendipity? She has some jacket patterns in there also. She will also answer any questions you have about the pattern.

  4. I used a vogue pattern for some winter jackets and it was phenomenal; fit amazing.

  5. I used to order fabrics from denverfabrics.com. They used to do swatches for a "relatively" inexpensive price and the purchases I've made with them have always been great! Good luck with your coat adventure, can't wait to see pictures!

  6. I understand about winter being too long...I'm your neighbor in Michigan, and the winters here are enough to make me wish I could truly hibernate like a bear does. That said, I adore all the coats you compiled. If it's great woolens and fabulous service you are looking for, I'd like to point you to Kaplan's Fabrics( http://www.kaplansfabrics.com/) of Kansas City, MO. I had the happy chance to come across it while visiting Kansas City this summer w/ my sisters. It's a great store and the service is impeccable. They offer to send swatches. They don't have an online store, but if you call them and let them know what you are looking for, I'm sure they can help you. They had the absolute best selection of wool I've ever seen in a fabric store!! I hope you find what it is you are looking for! I'm sure your first coat will be a smashing success!~Ruth P.S....if you are interested in seeing what I made from the fabric I bought at Kaplan's, just check out my blog...vintageruth.blogspot.com:)

  7. I love the teal ruffled coat and the contrast bow on the first coat. I would love to make my own coat but I think it is a bit out of my skill range at the moment.



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