Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Blousy Blouse

What do you guys think of all these blouses?  Just the word makes me cringe a bit...

Actually, when I hear the word blouse, my mind automatically goes to Golden Girls fashion...

I'm trying to be open minded about them, in the name of fashion, and picked up this shirt at the goodwill.  I've probably been reading too many refashion blogs, but they're just so inspiring.  I love watching people redo things out of otherwise unsightly garments.  Plus, it's a huge time saver!  To take something already sewn and turn it into a new garment, takes me way less time than composing an entirely new one! 

The other great thing about refashions is that it makes me much more confident with my sewing.  To spend $2 on a top I'm not that scared to just pin and sew and cut away.  It's a whole lot of fun :)

So, here is the top I picked up:

I've got it in a moving box, but it's probably going to be one of the first things I get into.  I wasn't crazy excited about the pattern, but it was pretty fall-ish and gave me a lot of fabric to work with to compose a new look. 

I quickly searched Ruche and  came up with these alternatives:

I'm leaning towards something of a combo of the top two.  I like the sleeves and cut of the one on the left, and prefer the tie in the top on the right.  I would have plenty of material for the tie after removing the sleeves so that's what I think I'll attempt.  What do you guys think?

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