Monday, January 30, 2012

Make it Sew Modern Review

The fabric shop I work for provided me with a copy of Vanessa Christensen's new book, Make it Sew Modern.  

I made up the little white ruffle dress for Aeris for my first project, as we are going to run a class on it in the spring.  I thought the book was a great book for someone who doesn't spend their day on sewing blogs looking at all these freebie tutorials, because you can find one for just about every project in the book.  But that's just about anything these days...

I found the book to be very clean, crisp and beautiful.  The photos were simple and there were illustrations for more of the tricky steps.  I was a bit confused with the wording on the bodice but figured it out.  And just a note on the bodice, there wasn't much ease in the pattern, since you're customizing the size, so I will add a bit more next time.  I'm worried Aeris won't be able to wear the dress when it's actually warm enough.  No big deal though, I can just always make her another one :)
I think the book would be a great gift for someone looking to get into sewing...

Some days they just don't want to take know??

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