Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Between the Seams-the lazy edition

I've been busying sewing lately...Obvious much? Where have I been?

I force myself to take time to eat, but just barely...Do you work like that? Like I'm just going to finish this one thing up (...25mins later) and then maybe just this one thing (...another 25mins) and now it's just pretty much dinner time and you missed lunch! But you HAVE to eat because you're training for a race and blah blah... So that's life around here.

I ran this morning. It was TOO cold. I don't like running in sub-twenty degree weather. Brrr. It took me way too long to warm up this morning. I sat under my electric blanket (best invention ever) with my coffee and ipad for nearly 45mins. How's that for good recovery? :p

I tried Meyer Lemons for the first time this weekend! My husband made me the best lemon meringue pie ever this weekend and hands down, they're the best lemons out there. I always thought they were silly fancy, but they're worth it. I'm on the bandwagon now!

What else? Ephraim is turning FIVE next week. I've got a list of Angry Bird crafting to do so wish me luck in getting it all done. I've not seen anything too exciting so I'm going to have to actually put my brain to work on some things for him.

Have you seen any good Angry Bird crafts around?

And just because...


  1. I hope this helps on your angry birds DIY quest.

  2. I can't put into words how much I love that Ryan gosling picture/caption.



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