Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What's in a name....

So, the name changed.  The title I had for this blog "Sweetie Pie Bakery" was representative of the Etsy shop I had, still have.  When I began this blog back in the day, it was merely a space to support the shop-a behind the scenes, if you will.

Since then, this blog has developed into much more and the title just didn't feel right.  I've switched the name back and forth for a while, not sure if you've noticed, but I am afraid of confusing people.  What are your thoughts?

Thank you for subscribing and reading! It really means a lot :)


  1. I like the new name. :) I started a blog and couldn't think of a url I liked for over a year. I ended up transferring most of the posts from the first one to the second but haven't updated the old links.

  2. Maybe if you are worried about confusing people you could put a 'formally know as' underneath until people get used to it?



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