Tuesday, July 24, 2012

If Only...

If only I had the time!

I saw this video today. I thought it was super cute and am putting this hair clip on my "to-diy" list.  Credit goes to one of my new favorite blogs Make My Lemondade.

I had to get glasses yesterday.  I'm old.  Like actual, hey you need a correction on these eyes Miss Thirty Year Old.

Ephraim starts kindergarten next month.  Holycowwheredoesthetimego?

I still have yet to do a photoshoot of my pretty dress for you guys. I need to do that.

It is finally raining here!  We've had a huge drought!

I finally watched Project Runway from last week.  Thoughts??

Everyone is having blogger meetups!  Jealous!  Any Milwaukee area meetups??  I'm out of touch!

Whew!  Now i can go back to work.  I'm glad we had this conversation!

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