Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Kids Playroom Thoughts

With Ephraim going into kindergarten this fall, I've realized that they are outgrowing their current playroom.  I'm swapping the Brio Thomas the Train table for something that allows more space for them.  

They need a space to play games with their friends, create masterpieces, and build on.  I found these great chairs at a very reasonable price.  Wouldn't it be fantastic if I could build a table? ha.  In my dreams.  I could draft it but execution is a completely different story.  Have any of you had success as first time builders?  I'd love your input!

For the space, I'm thinking white walls to allow their creativity to shine by hanging their artwork on the walls.  Some fun fabrics and a simple light fixture should do it!  It's a bit on the girly side though.. I don't want to do anything with strictly primary colors though and I love me some hot pink.  I could scrap the pink chair but not sure that would help.  Maybe some black and white and scrap the pink chair...I'll keep thinking...


  1. Love the colors and idea. I think that table would be awesome. :) I'm not really a builder but my husband is. I think I could handle it with his help/supervision. :)

  2. Thanks! Neither of us are builders. We could probably handle it but after the cost of purchasing all of the materials necessary, since we have not one saw, I'm sure it would be cheaper to buy lol

  3. Have you checked out Ana White's website? She has some great DIY Plans for furniture! I believe you can rent saws from Home Depot or Lowe's. IKEA has great children's furniture that is crazy cheap and can be painted.

  4. Thanks, Melanie! I linked to a DIY table from Ana White! :) I forgot about renting saws so that might be an option. We don't have an IKEA near Milwaukee. I did check though and the tables they did carry were a bit too small for what I was looking for.



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