Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Oliver and S Silk Fairy Tale Dress

Dresses are my favorite.  Silk dresses are even better.

I wanted to create something special for Aeris to wear for the holidays this year.  I wanted something that could transition out of the holidays, but still work for Christmas.  With gold being a very popular metallic this holiday season, I initally went to look for some gold fabric.  I'm sure the Oliver and S Fairy Tale Dress would look amazing in gold, but when choosing the fabric for Aeris, I was afraid it would wash out with her red hair and pale complexion.

So, back to the drawing board I went.  I remembered there was an amazing silk at Joanns from when I made the wedding dress over the summer.  It's amazing! Purple and blue are woven in such a way that the dress appears purple but shimmers to shades of reddish purple as the fabric catches light from different angle.  This gave it the metallic feel I was after, but much more appropriate for my little red head!

Working with opinion silk is not too terribly difficult, in my opinion   It is much easier than satin, as the fabric isn't very slippery.  The only problem is that the fabric is delicate.  Meaning, when you need to rip out a seam, it better only be once.

I think it turned out perfect for the occasion.  The pattern was wonderful, as always, and will be used over and over.  Have you worked with this pattern?


  1. How fabulous this is on her!! The purple changeable is perfect for her coloring, and how lovely to have a silk dress. =) So much nicer than the storebought stuff.

    I thought I recognized that fabric from JoAnn--I used it for a civil war dress a few years ago!! Pic here haha =)



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