Tuesday, February 21, 2012

An Angry Bird Dress

For Ephraim's birthday, I wanted to make something fun for Aeris to wear.  There are a lot of t-shirts available for little boys, but nothing for girls.  Plus, it's always more fun to create something if you have time!

I didn't really want to buy much for the dress, so I remembered Dana had a fun pattern that utilized an old t-shirt that I never made time to try.  I used the Warhol Dress for the red dress, and then hand stitched a red feather boa around the bottom of the dress.  For the belly on the dress, I just used some felt to applique the face. 

For Aeris's hair piece, I just wrapped a little bit of the boa around my fingers and stitched it onto a circle of felt.  I hot glued a hair clip to the underside and that was it!

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  1. That is so cute. I have a two-year-old who would love a dress like that!

  2. That is so fun- especially the boa. Your Warhol dress looks great. :)



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