Monday, February 20, 2012

Ephraim's Turns Five! -An Angry Bird Birthday Cake

Ephraim turned five yesterday.  How does that happen?  How do some days take forever to pass and five years goes by in the blink of an eye.

We celebrated with family on Saturday, Angry Bird style.  Ephraim is really into the game so decided it would be a great theme.  Angry Birds is fairly new to the party scene, so there isn't really much you can buy.  I didn't mind though, because I like making as much as I can for the kids' birthday parties.

I made his cake with yellow cake and rolled fondant on top.  The wooden frame was from a gingerbread house recipe I love, but I subbed honey for the molasses.  I actually planned on making it as intended, but had no molasses in the pantry.  The honey worked out to be a better idea, in the end, because it gave a lighter color to the cookie making it look more like wood.  The birds and the pigs are molded out of fondant and the string on the sling shot is just licorice.

Ephraim really wanted a functional cake, so we got the slingshot from his Angry Bird game and he used that to fling the birds to knock down the frame.

I complain a bit about the challenge of making the kids birthday cakes, but honestly, I really love it.  I like seeing their faces light up when their birthday cake is revealed, and I love the challenge of constructing whatever crazy cakes they want.

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