Friday, November 14, 2008

Sweet Tooth Sunday::Iced Pumpkin Cookies Recipe & Tutorial

These fabric pumpkin cookies are a cinch to make. I actually whipped mine up while my cookies were baking.

1 fat quarter of fabric of your choice
scrap of white felt
card stock
hot glue gun and glue

1. Cut a 4.5" circle and a 2.5" circle of fabric.

2. Cut a 1.75" circle of card stock.

3. Beginning on the wrong side of the larger circle, sew around the perimeter using long, basting stitches.

4. When you reach the end, pull the thread taught. As you pull the thread, stuff the cookie with stuffing and then knot the thread.

5. Position the card stock on the wrong side of the smaller circle.

6. Fold the fabric over the edge of the circle and glue into place.

7. With the wrong side facing up, glue the card stock circle over the opening of the cookie.

8. Cut a drizzle shape out of white felt and glue it onto the top of your cookie.

9. Repeat to make as many iced pumpkin cookies as you like!

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