Monday, June 8, 2009

Fabric Covered Letter Tutorial

1/2 yard fabric for front of letter
1/2 yard fabric for back of letter
2.5" strip of fabric (length varies based on letter)
Paper Mache Letter

hot glue gun
hot glue

1. Trace your letter onto a piece of card stock twice. One for the front of the letter and one for the back.

2. Trace your letter onto the wrong side of your fabric. Cut around the letter with about 3/4" allowance. Repeat to the fabric for the back of the letter.

3. Trace your letter onto your batting. Cut. (I did two layers of batting for my letter top)

4. Using your hot glue gun, glue the layers of batting to one of the card stock letters.

5. Place the letter, batting side down, onto the wrong side of your top fabric.

6. Clip the allowance as needed to help you bend it over the back of the card stock. Secure the fabric with glue as you go. Begin at the top, then pull the fabric gently and glue the bottom. Repeat to the left and right sides. Your letter top is finished!

7. Lay the other card stock letter over the wrong side of the bottom fabric. Repeat the process to attach the fabric to the letter.

8. Take your long strip of fabric and finger press the end under. Find a place that isn't as noticeable and begin gluing. Make a line of glue and secure the end of the fabric. When you reach a bend in the letter, add another line of glue and press the fabric down. As you are moving your strip around the letter, you are going to want to pull it gently so there is no slack in the fabric.

9. When you reach the beginning point, trim the length of your fabric and fold and finger press. Glue it into place right next to the beginning of the strip.

10. Clip the fabric as needed so that it will lay flat against the letter. Secure the fabric with hot glue, folding the fabric over as you go.

11. Glue the front and back onto the paper mache letter to complete your fabric letter!


  1. what an awesome idea. these things cost 14 bucks each at anthropologie. i am excited!

  2. This is so cute! Thank you! I was also curious about the bunny in your first photo! I've been searching for a calico kitty pattern. Maybe you or one of your bloggers can help me out!



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