Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hello, Valentine

I'm going to tell you two things:

1. I'm of the mindset that Valentine's Day is a silly Hallmark holiday.

2. I don't care and totally love it.

Now that we are clear on that...I have some good news, and some bad news. (I guess that makes a total of four things I needed to tell you)

I like going with the bad first so:
1. Production of the new pattern is on hold because I broke the computer that I make the patterns on! My husband is a genius at that sort of thing though, so once he spends his entire weekend off of work fixing my mistakes, I should be back in business. I'm thinking the pattern will be out early next week.

2. I have some new shop items! Since I can't draft, I can sew-right?!

I really wanted to use up some pink beads I've had in the stash for a long time and thought some Valentine sugar cookies would be nice.

And they couldn't just go on an ivory cake stand, noooo, a pink one! I almost put hearts on it-almost-but I love the simple detail of the design and the hearts were just too much for me. Don't they look so sweet?

While I was baking, I made up some jam thumb print cookies and regular iced heart cookies.

And then, I still wasn't done so I made some yummy heart-shaped pancakes with whipped cream, fresh berries and strawberry syrup. Yum! I think I will have to make some real ones for myself this weekend!


  1. Everything is BEAUTIFUL! (but, it all makes me hungry )

  2. I want it all! ...for my girls of course! I'm loving that cake stand!

  3. Your felt stuff is just amazing! Thanks for sharing with us all!
    - dana

  4. Oh my goodness-I'm dying! So stinking cute!



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