Friday, January 22, 2010

Pom Pom Valentine Wreath Tutorial

After I made the pom-pom hearts for my felt bird house, I fell in love with making I kept making them. Once I had a pile of about fifty pom-poms on my table, I decided something had to be done with them.

I put together a bit of a tutorial in case you would like to make one yourself.

You'll need:
2 skeins of yarn (I chose pink and red)
1 coat hanger (or a decent gauge wire)
wire snips
string to hang the wreath or a wreath hanger

First, you need to make a pom-pom. For a wreath of this size, you'll need about 30.

1. Begin by holding the ends of two lengths of yarn. For a pompom this size, you'll want to wrap it about 45 times (if you are using one color, go about 90)

2. Slip your thumb out and hold your yarn.

3. Flip your hand over and tuck one length of yarn in between your fingers.

4. Flip your hand back over and tie a knot across the top of the yarn. Slide the pompom off of your hands and secure that knot.

5. Insert your scissors into the loops and cut.

6. For this pompom, you just need to clean up the ball a bit; don't worry about trimming it really short like you would if you were making a regular pompom.

7. Rub the pompom ball between your hands to fluff the ends up a bit.

8. Make about 29 more.

9. If you're using a coat hanger, clip the end and shape into a circle-but don't close it! Slide your pompoms on one-by-one. Once all 30 are on, twist the ends of the wire and bend it into a heart shape. Done!

If you haven't gotten enough of your pom-pom fix, you can make more and construct some hearts! For these, I made the pom-poms the same way, and instead of using wire took some of the yarn and strung three in a row. Then I went through the bottom pom-pom and strung up to the right (making a V shape, and added two more) You'll want to go back and forth a few times to secure the pom-poms. I added another at the bottom of the V to make the heart a bit more full. If you want to make bigger hearts, just use more than six hearts. Just remember to add a couple at the bottom of your V to fill it out.


  1. How fun! I think I'll get my girl involved and make a pile of pom pom hearts to hang all over the house.

  2. I like red, I like pink, I like hearts (in moderation). I like this!

  3. Cute I am so going to try this tomorrow!

  4. This is so sweet and original! I would love to feature it in an "I Heart Wreaths" tutorial I am putting up tonight or tomorrow -- with proper credit and link-backs, of course!

    Would you mind?



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