Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Poor Baby {Doll}

I finally got a try at the Black Apple Doll! It's been on my list for a while but I set aside some time this weekend and made one for Aeris.

I will be making another one, with modifications, including larger seam allowance and definately a tighter stitch. It took all of five minutes for my son to rip the arm off the poor thing! Now Aeris walks around kissing the boo-boo on her baby doll's arm.

He has guilty written all over that face. But then again, he usually does...


  1. Great job. She looks very Black Apple. Thanks so much for the Valentine Box pattern. I'm going to have fun with that one. I found you on SYTYC. I love your site. I consider myself a budding felt goddess so I added your blog to my feeds. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. I made the Black Apple Dolls and gave them as Christmas gifts to my daughter and niece. I had a hard time with them too but they turned out very cute. Good luck and thanks again for the inspiration.

  3. She is too cute! I've seen your wonderful site on etsy, will she be on there? My daughter would love her.

  4. @Heather-The pattern for the doll can be found here

    I would recommend adding a seam allowance to the pattern, and sewing it with a bit of a tighter stitch. Also, make sure you reinforce the arms and legs! Kids can be brutal ;)

  5. Love your black apple doll. I've had the pattern on my computer for a while too, need to get to that! LOVE your felt food creations too! I love to make felt food too and need to branch out and try some new things! Thanks for the inspiration! I grew up in Milwaukee too, so there's a fun little piece of trivia for you! have a great day!

  6. @Jamie-I actually just moved to the area last fall; I'm from Chicago, originally. I'm waiting for the snow to thaw to discover the area. I'm not a big fan of the snow. Have you left for somewhere warmer?



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