Tuesday, March 30, 2010

TUTORIAL-Felt Chocolate Bunny

Today is Tuesday! It has been a while since I've posted a tutorial on Tuesday, I'm sorry.

I have an easy little Easter tutorial for you!

To me, an Easter basket is just not complete without a chocolate bunny-just one of those staples. However, there are a lot of little ones in my family and they really just don't need all that sugar!

You'll need:
2 sheets of 9"x12" craft felt or
1/4 yard of wool felt
1 sheet blue felt
1 sheet yellow felt
blue ribbon
1" foam
brown embroidery thread
embroidery needle
hot glue gun

There is no sewing machine required for this project!

Download the template here...

1. Use the template cut out two pieces of brown felt for your bunny.

2. Use the template again to cut out the foam for the inside of your bunny. After you trace the pattern, make an inset of the pattern about 1/4" inside the lines you drew again. If you don't do this you will have foam sticking out of your bunny-not good!

3. With your brown embroidery thread, sew the details on to the top of your bunny piece. Cut a yellow circle out of the larger template, and a blue one out of the smaller. Glue those into place.

4. Layer the foam in between your two pieces of felt, with the decorated piece on top.

5. Blanket stitch around the edge of your bunny.

6. Make a little bow with your blue ribbon and glue it on. That's it!

7. Give your bunny to someone special!


  1. i love this! i'm printing it out right now so i can make one. thank you for sharing.

  2. looks a lot like the one I did :)
    those chocolate bunnies are a classic. I was used to get a white one from my mom each easter ^_

  3. What a very cute "chocolate" bunny. Thank you for the tutorial. I hope nobody bites off his ears. LOL Happy creating...

  4. I was going to make one with the ear bitten off but, sadly, never found the time...

  5. I just adore your blog and especially your latest chocolate bunny tutorial! I've included a link to your tutorial on my blog under 'Felt for Spring & Easter' :)



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