Monday, June 21, 2010

House Warming: a Gift and a Dress

Some friends of ours bought a new house and recently had a house warming party. I was so excited to have an opportunity (excuse) to do some fun sewing and made Sandi Henderson's dish towels from her new book.

I was running behind on time and didn't have time to give them the final wash and dry to give the ends that frayed look that they will have afterward. I like the pie a lot and am excited to make a strawberry version for myself.

I needed a dress to wear to said house warming party. I'm sure you've fallen in love with this Grosgrain "frock" also! I'm fairly new to garment sewing I couldn't just wing it. I needed a pattern that could get me a similar result without any tweaking.

Kathleen's version and the Modcloth version which she was inspired by both have a collar and a bit more ruffle in the center. Making the dress again, I think the extra ruffle would be easy to accommodate but I've never done a collar before, so that would have to take some investigating on my part. I like the collar better, but am happy with this result.

The dress I made also had a tie, which the others did not. I choose to leave it since the waist didn't fit quite how I wanted and it helped mask that.

I was happy with how the dress turned out. Being my first Burda downloaded pattern, I've learned I need to tweak the sizing a bit. The waist of the dress sat a bit higher than I would have liked, but it was wearable...and at the end of the day (or early morning!) that is all that matters.

So, besides that, I've been busy working on another pattern. I'm pretty excited about it and just can't wait to share it with you soon!

What have you been busy sewing?


  1. I love the towels and dress. Too cute! Also, I LOVE the new patterns up in the shop. If I had kids, I would totally buy the picnic lunch pattern to make for them. Hopefully, when I have kids, you will still be in business and I can get them!

  2. The dress is so pretty! Well done!

  3. The dress is amazing!!! As I understand you download it from Burda? would you mind sharing the link or it's title?

    Many thanks :)



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