Thursday, August 12, 2010

Comfort Food

I have a couple new items in the shop! I am really happy with how these turned out and hope you enjoy them!

I think this felt tomato soup with goldfish crackers and grilled cheese is probably one of my most favorite sets. I have been working on a lot of new things and hope to share them all with you shortly!

Also, I'm now using National Nonwovens for all of my projects and I have to mention that the Xotic line of Bamboo felt is really amazing. I can't even describe the hand to it; it is just so incredibly soft. I almost felt guilty turning it into a bowl rather than making a blanket out of it. It just screams to be next to your skin.

Anyhow, the white bowl is made with the Xotic felt, the rest is just wool felt from National Nonwovens. I will definately be purchasing more of it though. I'm a huge fan!

I also added some new rock candy colors to the shop! I really love the teal and red together. Yum!

I've got a party for my daughter coming up and was thinking these would make for some great favors!

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