Monday, October 18, 2010

Shorts with No Pattern

It took me until the end of the summer, but I was finally brave enough to make a pair of shorts (with flat front pockets!) for Ephraim. With a thank you to Saltwater Kids and MADE I was able to brave through it.

On a Sunday evening I set out to the Goodwill and bought Ephraim an XL plaid shirt for $2. After washing and pressing, I laid a pair of his old shorts over and began drafting my own pattern.

The pockets on the front came from the sleeves, and I was able to reuse the pocket from the shirt for the pocket on the bum.

I was so proud of these shorts when Ephraim tried them on for the first time. So proud, in fact, that I had him wear them to his first day of school!

Not only is this an adorable picture of my kids, but there are three homemade things in it! (I wish the sweater was one of those things!)

I'm going to be sad to pack these things away for the winter. At least we've had some warm weather to extend their life this fall!

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