Friday, December 17, 2010

Road to Renegade-Promotional Materials

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It took me a while to decide on some good promotional materials for Renegade. First, I'm going to be honest...I thought it was going to be so expensive! Postcards seem to be the popular choice right now, but quoting from my favorite print sources, it was certainly going to cost me a lot of money.

My next thought was to get some business cards (smaller so cheaper!) However, I wasn't fond of business cards. They're cute but get lost in the bottom of my purse then dumped out a few months later-not a good investment if you ask me. Then I remembered this post from Dana at MADE. Woohoo! I got myself 500 postcards to pass out at Renegade for about $70! And you know what else? They're beautiful! I'm sure they will be tacked up and saved longer than a business card in the bottom of a purse.

I chose to do one postcard with the signature pink on pink striped background from my patterns with the famous scalloped cake stand. I wanted to keep the text simple, so it just reads "felt treats, sewing patterns".

I wanted the other postcard to be completely different so I chose to do a composition of 12 different images. I think it's bright, fun and attractive. I definitely shows the array of products I offer at Sweetie Pie Bakery.

I suggest choosing marketing materials that work best for your business and clientele. Having crafters being a majority of my business, I thought they would enjoy something that would last for a while, hopefully tack up on an inspiration board. Showcase your best products and keep text to a minimum. People just want to see your product and you should be able to convey what you could write through a great image. How does that saying go? "A picture is worth a thousand words?" ;) And, finally, make sure it is something you like. If you're going to be pleased with the product enough to keep it around, surely your customers will!

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  1. Where did you design your card! Online I need to do some kind of photo look like that for my craft
    Thank you



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