Sunday, January 9, 2011

Loving Amy Sedaris

Do you guys love Amy Sedaris? I find her hilarious! I was introduced to her first craft book, I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence, from one of my husband's aunts. She received the book for Christmas and I immediately had to get my own copy.

Her second book Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People just came out this past fall. My mom got me the book for Christmas and I'm just now finding time at night to sit down with it.

What I love most about Amy Sedaris is how she writes as though she were completely serious in this text, giving materials needed and specific instructions on how to create crafts and recipes, and then piles on the humor.

Her project lists are many but some favorites of mine include the wishbone slingshot (how beautiful) and the soup can stilts! I think I made some of those as a kid...But my absolute favorite was the Penny and Packing Tape Bookmark! I was so excited I had to make one to show you. Took me all of three minutes and cost less than a quarter! Ha!

Anyone else currently reading this? What are your thoughts? Do you actually make any of the crafts/recipes in the book or just laugh your butt off while you're eating Ben & Jerry's at night?


  1. I read some reviews on Amazon and the majority of people seemed to be taking it really seriously and saying that the tutorials were really pointless and they found the book a waste of money. Personally I think it looks quite funny!

  2. I just got this too! Haven't made anything yet, but I'm guessing it will come in handy for making some white elephant gifts :)
    I've made several of the recipes in her other book and they were all great. In fact, her baklava recipe is the best I've made.



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