Monday, February 28, 2011

Everyday Essentials-Scissors

I've been getting asked a lot of questions on certain tools I've been using, so I thought it would be a great resource to just have a collection of posts on them. This will be a weekly series you'll be able to find on the side bar.

Today, I'm starting with an everyday essential I use probably 75 different times a day-scissors.

Embroidery Scissors
-I have a lot of different scissors that I use but my most favorite, and frequently used pair, are my embroidery scissors. I got these as a gift for my husband, so they're a bit pricier I'd buy myself. (I'd been using Fiskars ones for years) These little guys will cut through a layer of fabric, no problem, and are very sharp. They're comfy in my hand and have a nice point to them which I find handy. Plus, they make a great snip sound....something I love in a good pair of scissors. That snip sound means business, people!

Dressmaking Shears-The second most frequently used pair of scissors is a tie really....just depends on the week. If I'm sewing something with fabric, I will be using my Dressmaking Shears. These puppies will touch fabric only, and be the only things touching my fabric. Period. They are very sharp so you get a nice straight cut on your fabric, no frayed edges. You can pick these up at JoAnn's for about $20-30 with a sale or coupon-worth every penny!

Craft Scissors
-If I'm working with felt, I use a pair of Fiskars scissors. Felt is rough on scissors, which I learned the hard way. I ruined a nice pair of shears using them on felt. If you're using the orange-handled scissors exclusively on felt and never paper, they'll work out great.

Blunt Tip Shears
-I don't have a need for these scissors too often, but when I do, they're the best I've used. When you're sewing a garment and clipping curves or just need to make some snips without cutting your sewn line, you're going to want to use blunt tip scissors. You're much more likely to not cut through your thread using these since they don't have that extended point. I've also used these to push the points of corners when turning a garment right side out, since they usually won't go all the way through the fabric. I know, not recommended, but they work nicely if you don't have a tool handy.

Pinking Shears-I only have a crappy pair of these scissors. I don't use them too often, so when I was purchasing them, I didn't want to spend $30 right away. After using a $10 pair more than once, I've decided that I should upgrade. These scissors are hard to use and stick at the center. My thumb gets sore pretty quickly. I think I'll be upgrading to Gingher, you know, so I have a matching set.

Do you have a sewing tool that you just can't live without?

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