Monday, March 7, 2011

Everyday Essentials-Pin Cushions

Like being an architect and not having your microns and trace around, sewing requires essentials too. Last week I discussed scissors, this week I'm talking about pin cushions...

Besides my favorite pair of scissors, I always have to have these pin cushions around. Yes. All of them.

This first one I use for pins and all my stuff. I keep my embroidery scissors, marking tools, and a bunch of other random "necessities" such as safety pins and who know what in the bottom. I love using this pin cushion because I can sort my pins nicely. Which comes in handy for when I'm taking pictures or wanting to impress people with my spiffy pin cushion because they are never organized at any other time. Mostly, I love this pin cushion because it's an Anna Maria Horner pattern, made with Anna Maria Horner fabric, and has a place to put stuff.

This is a magnetic pin cushion. I use this one all the time. Right next to the sewing machine and about everywhere else I go while I'm working. You know, sometimes it really is too much work to put the pins back into the pin cushion, really, it is. This little guy holds everything in place and makes it quick to grab new ones.

I use this pin cushion for needles only. I got this pin cushion way back when at ICFF one year. I think I got it from designboom but not positive. It looks like it's filled with air which is very clever for a pin cushion design. I also prefer having a separate place for needles since they get lost in the plush pin cushion.

I have about ten more pin cushions lying around, which is not news to any sewer, because I'm sure you have just as many.

Do you collect them or have any favorites? What types of pin cushions do you prefer?


  1. i need a pin cushion in the worst way! :)gina

  2. I have 2 pin cushions that I use on a regular basis; my handy magnetic one (which is SO easy when I'm sewing along & don't want to fumble with pins!) and a sweet little fabric one that I won from a blog (it's adorable, and I use it mostly for extra pins). I usually just stick my needles in pieces of felt!

  3. I bought a pin cushion at a craft market too many years ago that consists of a fabric covered metal plate topped with a rectangular pin cushion and on the front is a velcro attached bag for all those little bitty thread ends, etc. All covered in a cutesy floral print. It sits on the edge of the sewing table with the bag overhanging the edge. It's just perfect for beside the sewing machine or the arm of the couch. Just love it!

  4. Where did you get that first pin cushion? I love it.

  5. Is it weird that I don't have a pin cushion? I hope it's not a mark of a beginning sewer. I just keep the box of pins (I have two boxes, that they came in) next to me/the machine and when I pull the pins out of the fabric, I put them back in the box. I like magnetic ones though, and as soon as we get some free mailer-magnets, you know the ones with like calendars from real estate agents, I'm gluing them to the back/bottom of my pin boxes. It won't be very strong but I think it will help when I drop a pin and need to find it on the floor.

    I remember one of the first things I trie dto sew on my own was a pin cushion. Somehow I had it in my head I wanted a round one as well. We only had some pins that came in one of those circular plastic cards. Do you know how hard it is to PIN THE SEAMS ON A PIN CUSHION, WITHOUT A PIN CUSHION? where do you put the pins?? Hahaha!



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