Wednesday, September 28, 2011

DIY Scrappy Acorn Garland Tutorial

I was making some acorn garland for a friend's baby shower, and decided that while appropriate for the woodland theme I was going for, they would be even more fabulous if they were done in fabric.  I grabbed my pile of scraps for Aeris's room and sat down with the template and cut out some new versions.

They accent her room in a fun, fall way.   Like normal back to school lessons, the kids are learning of seasons and Aeris thought the acorns were "bootiful"!

Using the template here, cut out as many base fabrics as you'd like, an equal number of felt pieces (to become the back) and then an equal number of tops.  Using the dotted lines, cut out the same number of cardstock supports.

Fold the bottom of the acorn top so it makes a straight line.  I left it this way to prevent fraying and you from having to hem it.  Then stitch along to connect the acorn top and bottom.  Now layer the fabric, cardstock and felt and stitch around the perimeter.  Complete this process to sew as many acorns as you'd like.

Then using a hole puncher, punch holes on either side of the stem, string them together, and hang 'em up!



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