Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lila said I'm a runner...

pic is not me. i live nowhere near a beach. sadly.

Lila is the woman who talks to me while I run. She tells me in her lovely British accent that I'm doing great! Just 30 more seconds! Fantastic job today! Last week, as I completed my 20 minute run and week 5 of my C25k training, she said I was a runner. And for the past 5 weeks I had been joking about that myself. But today, I'll believe her. After my 25 minute run today, I looked ahead at the last two weeks of training and saw there is no more walking. What?! I guess I am a runner. I mean, if you're not a walker, you're a runner....or a crawler and a crier. I'm afraid I may be there next week...but this week, I'll be a runner!

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I'm worried about when the snow hits though. I despise treadmill running. I like to actually run somewhere. I don't like being in a gym, next to other sweaty stinky people watching tmz or cnn scroll. I prefer some scenery.

Besides getting me out of the house early in the morning, I'm also enjoying running because, yes, it can be super cute. I've played tennis and worn tennis skirts, but for some reason, never thought of the two overlapping. You can run in skirts! The shorts don't ride up while you run, and I don't feel self confident running around in biker shorts. My running shoes are not very beautiful, and actually, are a bit too big. I'm thinking that my prize for running my 5k next month will be some new shoes. (Did you see that? Next month! How exciting...I'm so proud of me :) I've always had such admiration for runners. I still cannot fathom how people can run for hours...and twenties of miles....but for now, I'm pleased with running for twenties of minutes. Or just 20.

Are any of you guys runners? Do you have tips for my first 5k? Oh! I do have a question. I'm big on running in the morning, but know I can't run on a full stomach, but am starving running on an empty one. What do you guys like to eat in the morning before a run?


  1. I love that you are enjoying running! I've never commented before but I thought I would because I love to run and actually have been running since I was in High School. I was those crazy people on the Cross Country team. :)
    Anyway, for your first 5k my advice is to just have fun! Set a goal but make sure it's realistic. Say you want to run the 5k in 32minutes. That's a 12 minute mile pace. That is reachable. If you are faster than a 12 minute mile than set your goal for 30 minutes. But just remember to have fun and i'm sure you will become one of those that run for hours. ;)
    As for running on an empty stomach...don't do it. You need energy during your run and if you eat the right food then it will enhance your performance. No joke.
    So this is what I've eaten before: a slice of toast with some peanut butter, a small bannana, I've eaten 3 egg whites before (hard boiled). I know that sounds crazy but it's helped me on those long runs I've had to do.But be sure to test out the food before your race because your body might handle it a different way.
    Something that I thing works the best is GU or the Sports Jelly Beans. It has the right electrolytes and gives the right about of engergy for your run. I would go to a sporting good store they usually have it there or your local running store. I found that the best flavor of GU is chocolate. It's easier to swallow.
    Anyway, good luck! you will do awesome. And keep running. You will only get better. ;)

  2. Oh, I forgot to mention that I've only eaten one of those before a run. I don't eat the toast and bannana and egg whites. That would be crazy. Just pick one of those three before your run to test it out.

  3. You'll do great! If I am running right away I usually eat a banana. If it will be an hour or so I'll eat peanut butter toast and maybe a banana. You'll want a little protein and some carbs of some sort. You don't want too much in your belly or you'll feel crumby, but if you run an an empty stomach you'll have no energy.

    I don't do the Sports beans unless I'm running for over an hour, that gives you more fuel to finish the run.

    Good luck!

  4. I am a runner too! There will be food at the finish, so don't worry too much about food. A banana or energy bar or some dry cereal, and water. Enough to get you through then you can fill that belly. For a 5k there is definitely no need to go to a GU or anything fancy.

    Good luck! I hope you enjoy it and are happy with how you do!

  5. Oh, and my best advice really: watch your pace at the start. It's so easy to get excited, especially about your first race, and blow out of the gates way faster than you can sustain. Run past slower runners as needed, and search for a comfortable pace you can keep up for 5k. Save that extra energy for when you see the finish line and want to put in an extra kick to beat some of the people between you and it!



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