Friday, September 23, 2011

Welcoming Fall!

Today was sunflower day at Aeris's preschool.  I really love themed days!


Using fall and sunflowers as a starting point, I saw this plaid flannel at JoAnns and remembered this pattern from Sandi Henderson.  Honestly, the pattern is very "scarecrow" to me, but adorable, nonetheless. 

Now, this is my second go with this pattern.  The first time I made the pants, I failed miserably.  They didn't fit. AT ALL.  I blamed myself for not measuring correctly, or taking into account her diaper butt, or something.  This time, I had the same problem.  Way too small!  I measured her waist and she measured as the smallest size, like a 12mo.  I decided to work a size up, just remembering they were small, and went with the 18-24mo. pattern.  This should give her a few more inches on the waist, plenty to account for any sizing issues, right? NO.

You guys.  I had to take out the seams and sew these pants with 1/16" seams to fit her.  That is a bit crazy, right?  I love Sandi Henderson designs, but who is testing these patterns?  My daughter is in the 3rd percentile for ht/wt so if anything, they should be big...or at least fit her!  Have any of you had issues with this pattern?

Anyhow.....since I fixed the issues, they're totally adorable!  Everyone we ran into throught the day, running errands, etc. commented on how cute they were.  I want to make 20 more pair! (now that I have the sizing figured out)

For her hair clip, I used some National Nonwovens Wool Felts and had to stitch (still haven't found that glue gun!) a hair clip.  Since she was learning about sunflowers, I wanted to give her a little lesson at home on them.  She thought it was fantastic.

And now that fall is here, I'm off to make some soup for dinner.  I'm literally shivering as I type this post! Brrr!  I'm going to have to dig out those fuzzy socks! 


  1. It seems like you aren't the only one with this problem. The fitting.
    i would suggest that next time you measure the actual pattern yourself and not follow the chart size.
    That must be very frustrating that you buy a nice and expensive pattern and end up "wasting" your precious fabric.
    I have the same pattern and i will make sure to measure the piece so i don't have a tiny pair of pants too.

  2. Oh my! what an adorable scarecrow. Love those pants, so unexpected!

  3. I am just seeing this posting, but what I am wondering (and excuse if this is a duh?)---does the pattern not have the seam allowance on it and it needs to be added when the fabric is cut? Since your seam allowance is so small, that is what it sounds like to me. :^/



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