Monday, November 21, 2011

Holiday Photo Props Tutorial! Sew or Printable!

 I have such a fun tutorial to share with you today!  Whether you sew or not, this can work for you!  I created this tutorial with both options to sew, or print!  Sometime, we're even just pressed for time or too busy with other projects to sew.  It's about prioritizing around the holidays!

These Christmas holiday photo props are fun for family gathers, as well as taking some candid shots of your own children.

Aeris thought that the santa hat and beard props were hilarious.  And Ephraim couldn't stop laughing at her!  I think I'm going to use some of these photos for my own Christmas cards.  

Follow the tutorial to make your own!
For printable version:
Just use foam board to back the images for durability, then add some dowel rods with hot glue!  too easy!

For the felt version:

2 9x12 sheets of red felt
2 9 x 12 sheets of brown felt
2 9 x 12 sheets of white felt
scrap of red glitter fabric (optional)
1 large sheet of poster board (cereal boxes will work just fine!)
cooridnating embroidery thread
4 dowel rods
hot glue

Santa Hat Instructions:
1.  Cut 2 Santa hat templates of red felt.  Cut 1 of the white pom poms of white felt.  Cut 1 of the white hat trims of white felt.  Cut 1 poster board support of the hat shape, a bit smaller than the outline.

2.  Glue the poster board to the wrong side of one of the red hats.  Layer the second hat on top, then the white parts on top of that.  Sew around the edges with a blanket stitch.

3.  When I would get close to closing up the fur parts of the hat, I added some stuffing to make these parts a bit poofier.  

4.  After the hat is sewn, use some hot glue to secure the dowel rod to the back.  Place a small rectangle of felt over the exposed glue on the dowel rod just to give it a nicer finish.

Santa Beard Instructions:
1.  Cut 2 beard templates of white felt.

2.  Begin by sewing a blanket stitch around the mouth with white embroidery thread.

3.  As you sew around the perimeter of the beard, add the stuffing a bit at a time.

4.  Attach the dowel rod to the back.

Rudolph Instructions:
1.  Cut 2 antlers of brown felt.  Cut 1 antler of poster board. 

2.  Sew around the perimeter with a blanket stitch, stuffing as you go.

3.  Attach the dowel rod to the back.

Rudolph Nose Instructions:
1.  Cut 1 nose from the felt or sparkle fabric.  Cut the smaller circle of red felt.  

2.  Sew a gathering stitch around the perimeter of the nose fabric.  As you pull the thread taught, add a bit of stuffing.

3.  After your thread is secured, glue on the dowel rod and cover the opening with the circle of felt.


  1. thanks for sharing the it

  2. Such a GREAT idea! Thanks for e wonderful tutorial! Your models are so cute, they look like they had a blast. :)

  3. thanks for the pattern! i was looking all over for a simple one :)

  4. Thanks a lot for the tutorial and the explanations!

    It was a wonderful gift for my parents ( it was their first Grandparent's Christmas)

    If you want to see my version, you can go there :


  5. LOVE these! I will be using these for the kids' picture on our Christmas card this year!

  6. omg these are just what I was looking for for some holiday fun! thank you so much!
    p.s found you via pinterest

  7. thanks so much- we will be using these for the resident family Christmas party at the nursing Home. My seniors will LOVE it!



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