Monday, January 16, 2012

Gardening: My New Obsession

Source: via Sue on Pinterest

I'm all about having a vegetable garden these days.  When we first looked at this place and saw the huge back yard, my husband and I have been dreaming of the harvest season for the to-be planted vegetables.  And it is right now, in the freezing months of January that I am determined to layout a beautiful space.  One that can be added as the years go by, since it is our first year gardening and I expect a huge learning curve.  

If any of you are avid gardeners, or just beginners with more knowledge than I have, I would love for you to share your favorite books or blogs with me!  I know about as much as a couple hours googling on a Sunday morning will teach me!


  1. Laetitia Maklouf is my joint favourite gardener, she has a really cute book called 'The Virgin Gardener' and an equally cute blog over here >

    Alys Fowler is my other favourite. She has a cute Jack Russel called Isobel who wears fairisle jumpers and Alys has a few books with titles like 'The Edible Garden'

  2. Ooh I am going to follow along too! I can't wait to hear everyone's suggestions. We are kind of starting to be novice gardeners too but I feel sort of lost.

    I loved your outfit for boy's week! I am honestly shocked to see you go.

  3. Square Foot Gardening is my favorite. It really educates you and is a method for getting the most out of your space and isn't overwhelming. There is a website ans online forum but I really like the book, your library will have it.
    Also, if you are starting from scratch,check out Lasagna Gardening, a method of layering compost materials so it will break down into rich soil--not to mention save your back!

  4. I also love square foot gardening! :) We had the best peas and lettuce, plus minimal weeding. :) PS I loved your boy's outfit too.

  5. I attempted gardening once... I found that neither of my thumbs are green... I can't wait to see how you garden grows! Keep us posted!!!



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