Monday, February 27, 2012

Oliver and S Hopscotch Dress

I worked with knits!  This pattern comes from Oliver and S, Hopscotch Dress

I don't work with them often and all I've read was to be very afraid.  So I was...

Turns out, they're not so bad.  The bottom hem stretched a bit, and I'm guessing I needed to adjust the tension accounting for the thicker fabric.  

Overall, the pattern was beautiful, no surprise there though.  It went together very quickly as there were only five pattern pieces and no closures.  It was the perfect pattern for someone new to knits.

The only bad part was my poor judgement in putting sandals on a 3 yr old in February.  She was so excited thinking we were going to get to go to the beach.   Sorry, babe.  So she just gave me attitude after that.  The older she's getting, the less she's willing to play along for me.  I guess I'll just start sewing dresses for her brother...he's always willing to ham it up!

1 comment:

  1. It's darling! I just pinned this dress last week (or so) and now I'm more convinced I need this pattern. :) PS maybe you could try a stabilizer or walking foot on the hem?



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