Friday, December 11, 2009

Felt Christmas Cake Add-Ons

I've been feeling so CHRISTMAS lately. Having little ones definately helps get you in the spirit of the holidays! I decided to decorate my felt birthday cake with a little bit of holiday cheer. I put little gingerbread boys and girls around the bottom, peppermints with sparkly felt in the middle, and a nice red scallop for detail at the top. I also had fun making scalloped garland out of some holiday scrap fabric.

I added a button on the side for a free download of the holiday template!


  1. Very beautiful. i just bought your cake stand. I would prefer the pattern to have more step by step photos instead of so many written instructions. It is not easy for beginners like me to understand the instructions. Will try it out soon :0)

  2. This is so cute! It looks like it makes a great addition to your cake pattern! I just bought the cupcake and muffin baking set from your shop and I think I'll have to get the cake one next!

  3. Yvonne, I'm sorry you're finding difficulty with the pattern! The long patterns tend to get really image heavy if I provide an image for each step, but I'll see what I can do about ones for the cake stand, where it is just one item. I'm working on a few rcake stands right now so I'll try to put together some step-by-step instructions soon!

  4. Hey!!! guess what? I did make the cake stand. I cut out the templates and refer to your instructions when I got stuck. I hate reading manuals and instructions, so I only refer to them when I have some problems :0)) It was so easy but mine is not perfect. Going to do another one again :0)) Don't have to put the step by step for me now :=)) Thank you very much. I used almost 1/2 m of felt for that stand!!!



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