Thursday, December 10, 2009

How to: Blanket Stitch

The most popular method of securing the edges of my felt creations are done with a blanket stitch. For those of you new to sewing, I thought I'd throw together this little "how-to" to ease you into it. Sewing with embroidery thread is quite fun and easily addictive. You can move on from blanket stitches and straight stitches to embellish just about any project, or even make it the project. Anyhow, before I get ahead of's the how to:

Look at your embroidery thread. This standard DMC floss is composed of 6 strands.

Divide it so that you will be using 2 strands to thread your needle.

Tie a double knot at the end and you are ready to begin.

Take your two felt pieces that you are going to attach and lay them wrong sides together. Go through the wrong side of the back piece just enough to catch the needle. (you don't want to see this stitch on the other side) Pull it through so that you catch your knot.

Now take your needle and bring it through the wrong side of the front piece directly across from the knot at the end of your thread. Pull the thread all of the way through.

Now, go through the right side of the back piece of felt, and push your needle through both pieces of felt, coming out the right side of the front fabric.

Do not pull the thread all of the way through! Leave a small loop at the top of the two pieces of felt, and take your needle through the loop, then pull so that the embroidery thread is snug.

Now, repeat. Take your needle and go through the back side of the felt, coming through the front, and up through that loop.

Continue this all the way across your project. Double knot your thread at the end and you're done! Easy peasy!


  1. I love your things... I am trying to sign up to follow your blog, but it won't work. Help! Please! or

  2. Thank you, I'll add you to my mailing list for the free pattern. I sent you an invite to follow my blog to the email you provided...hope that helps! :)

  3. It is so funny that you posted this. I just received your free pattern and am preparing to make it for my son. In reading the directions I was just thinking the same thing " What the heck is a blanket stitch?" I was just gonna wing it which would not of be good. Thank you for being not only creative but a mind reader as well ;)




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