Monday, December 7, 2009

Felt Snow Garland-Tuesday Tutorial

We were projected to get a foot of snow today! I remember praying for snow like that when I was a kid. The best news to a child in the winter is a snow day! I'm embracing the snow (trying to forget that I have to take the babies out grocery shopping in the morning) and bringing a bit of it indoors. Today, I'll share a fun craft that doesn't take much time and can be done with the kiddos-
possibly even on a snow day!

You'll need:
1/2 yard of white felt
1/4 yard of light blue felt
2 sheets of white glitter felt
white thread
sewing machine

To begin with, lay your felt out on the table, folded in half. Cutting out two circles at once will save you a lot of time, and hand strain!

Choose the appropriate size you would like for the circles. I used a poker chip, but the spool of thread is just about the same size.

Draw out circles to fill the entire 1/2 yard of white felt. Repeat on the blue felt, then on the white glitter felt. Cut out all the circles. You may want to take a break to avoid major hand cramps as there are a lot of circles in this project! After a while, they will even begin to look like poker chips stacked all over your kitchen table...

Once they are all cut out, stack them up and begin piecing your chain together.

I alternated colors, fronts and backs, and the glitter felt. (Initially, I was going to hot glue some round mirrors on some of the circles, and add the large sequence snowflakes, but after the chain was finished, it just seemed too harsh for me. I really liked the softness that the felt gave, similar to the falling snow)

Begin sewing down the center of the first circle, making sure to back stitch and knot your thread at the beginning. Right before you reach the end, lift up the presser foot and add the next circle. You want these to be right next to each other so use one long stitch to attach them. When you reach the end, back stitch and knot your thread.

The possibilities of this project are endless. You can use them to decorate a window, a child's room, as party decor or even on your Christmas tree. Have fun!

Please, forgive my lack of drapery in the kitchen. I'm w a i t i n g on Miss Anna's beautiful dobby dots to adorn my new table and windows. Anyone else?!

At least I have some more time to decide while I wait...


  1. Beautiful and it looks so nice in your kitchen! :)

  2. Thank you! I love decorations that are wintery so that you can leave them up after the Christmas ones come down.



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